Rezé: Three Local Artists Exhibit at the Boucherie des Arts

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In Rezé, three local artists exhibit at the Boucherie des arts

Amo, Andrzej and Claim exhibit their works throughout the month of June 2017 at the Boucherie des Arts in Rezé. An open gallery for local artists and performers.

Hedwig Weber. His name Amo artist Hedwig Weber will travel to his cards hanging by a thread around the venue. He creates original works that vary over time, and are very different in their representation (landscapes, literature, characters). His creations come down to work cutting and pasting on any format.

Andrzej. He realized between 2010 and 2014, a series of 111 A4 drawings which he entitled “The excess.” He then inspired by situations experienced in his daily life and his personal experience. Each drawing, captioned, deals with the world view of the artist, in a light tone. “My goal is to smile. 

Clement. His artist name, Claim means claim because his painting is a way to qualify for artistic freedom through the line, “in order to disconnect the brain and heart in order to reconnect instead.”

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