In Rezé, three local artists exhibit at the Boucherie des arts

Rezé: Three Local Artists Exhibit at the Boucherie des Arts

Amo, Andrzej and Claim exhibit their works throughout the month of June 2017 at the Boucherie des Arts in Rezé. An open gallery for local artists and performers. Hedwig Weber. His name Amo artist Hedwig Weber will travel to his cards hanging by a thread around the venue. He creates original works that vary over time, and are […]

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A free show at Rezé for the festival of Gardens

Rezé: A Free Show for the Festival of Gardens

PLANTS: At the Salle Polyvalente in Rezé there will plenty of advice on plants and vegetables for the Garden this Sunday … This Sunday, the community center Jaunais-Blordière organizes Gardens in celebration. With, the program troc’plantes (but also jams, seeds and tools) in the morning and the afternoon, an all age show (from 5 years), La gazette […]

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Guy Secco Boumendil and Sylvia, two of the organizers of Pâtéstival Trentemoult in Rezé

Rezé: At Trentemoult, a Festival that will Celebrate Paté this Weekend

The idea is original: a festival dedicated to Paté in all forms. It has arrived in Trentemoult, Reze this Saturday 13th May, at the Maison des Isles. Sure, the next festival will take place at  Pâtéstival Trentemoult. It is a proposal both serious and funny with a program on all day around a contest. Sixteen competitors are enrolled. They will […]

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At midnight Sunday, firefighters were called to intervene in a fiery scooter, Boulevard Jean Monnet in Rezé. The fire had spread to an apartment.

Reze: Scooter Fire spread to the Car and then to the Apartment

At midnight Sunday, firefighters were called to intervene, as a scooter had caught fire , Boulevard Jean-Monnet in Reze. The fire had spread to an apartment. In this building at the Boulevard Jean-Monnet in Reze, ten people had to be evacuated. It was midnight on the night of Saturday to Sunday. When the emergency services […]

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Strikes in Nantes at the Public Schools will cause some closures and disturbances

Strike: Public Schools disrupted in Nantes

In Nantes, the 113 public schools, like most municipalities in the metropolis, will be disrupted Thursday due to strike against the El Khomri Labour Law. The strike against the law El Khomri, the proposed Labour law has consequences for public schools in the city that should be disrupted on Thursday, 28th April.  In Nantes Disturbances […]

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Lycees at Reze and Saint Sebastian in Nantes have been blocked over Labour law protests

Lycees blocked Rezé and Saint Sebastian: Bus Diverted

Rallies against the labor law started. Jean Perrin Lycée in Rezé and Joliverie in Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire are blocked. Traffic is very difficult to Nantes this morning: the Quai de la Fosse is closed to traffic in both directions. Clisson Route: it is closed at the Joliverie, a local detour is in place. Tan Info: L42 deflected Bourdonnières […]

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Appeal for witnesses after 42 year old man from Bouaye goes missing

Bouaye: 42 Year old Resident disappeared, Appeal for Witnesses

The Rezé gendarmerie launches an appeal for witnesses after the disappearance of Mickael Leduc, living in Bouaye. This man of 42 years has not been heard from since Monday, December 21. The investigations of the police allowed “to determine that it would be out of his home to Saint-Viaud, at a place called” La Bernerie […]

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