France – England: Oasis, God Save The Queen … Several tributes expected

Many tributes expected at the friendly football match between France and England

A minute of silence will be observed and the national anthems will be reversed before the friendly football match between France and England on Tuesday (9pm), in tribute to victims of the attacks in London and Manchester. God Save The Queen should be sung by the entire stadium, after calling Blaise Matuidi about it. A piece of Oasis will also be launched at the entrance of the players.

Emmanuel Macron President and British Prime Minister Theresa May are expected at the Stade de France to attend the tribute and the meeting, said his side the agenda of the Presidency of the Republic. The usual protocol, which sees the visiting team sing the anthem before one of the home team, will change on Tuesday. A piece of Oasis, from Manchester, will be played at the entrance of the players on the field.

God Save The Queen, the English anthem will be played after the Marseillaise, as did the FA with the French anthem during the friendly match at Wembley, to mark the memory of the victims of the attacks in Paris in November 2015.  The English national anthem’s words will be broadcast on giant screens in the enclosure to allow the public to participate.

Singing English anthem

“If the anthem is sung in England, everyone could accompany”, wished midfielder Blaise Matuidi Sunday during a press briefing at Clairefontaine. Before the minute of silence, the players of both teams will be mixed with each other in sign of brotherhood. Eight people were killed, including three French, in attacks in central London on 3 June.

Two weeks earlier, another bombing in Manchester, committed to the release of a concert of American pop star Ariana Grande, had left 22 dead and over a hundred injured, including many children. In November 2015, four days after the terrorist attacks in Paris and the Stade de France, the friendly match against England was maintained despite the emotion. At Wembley, the English public had paid tribute to the victims of Paris singing in chorus a Marseillaise approach supported by the English media. The French national anthem was also played before each of the Premier League matches next weekend.

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