Emmanuel Macron announces “Action Plan” with London to Fight against Terrorism

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Emmanuel Macron announces Action Plan against terrorism

ATTACKS: Emmanuel Macron was speaking from the Elysee during a joint press conference with his counterpart Theresa May …

The president announced on Tuesday the implementation of an “action plan” with Britain in the fight against terrorism . “It aims to strengthen the commitments of the online operators that promote in all types of media hatred and terrorism,” he said. It is also intended to “improve the means of access to content encrypted so that these messengers are not the tool of terrorists.” “These are essential to prevent terrorist propaganda and prosecute those who are involved in these attacks or attempted attacks,” continued Emmanuel Macron.

“Whenever attacks against youth”

The Head of State was speaking from the Elysee Palace in the company of Theresa May, the Head of the British government before heading to the Stade de France to watch the football match between France and England . Emmanuel Macron has also indicated that the arrival of the head of the British government embodied “perfectly the link between our two countries. Solidarity and efficiency. The memory and projection towards the future. The friendship and the will to work together. ” “I want to reiterate how we have been affected with you, hurt because they are each time attacks against the youth.”  He added, referring to the terrorist attacks that hit the United Kingdom in recent months.

Finally, the French president said he wanted the negotiations Brexit “start as soon as possible” and under the supervision of the European Commission.

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