Football in the Côtes d’Armor: Weather Disrupts the Championship and the Cups

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Many football matches cancelled in the Côtes d'Armor to the weather

The discontent is felt. For many weeks, football matches have only taken place a couple of times. Blame the weather, terrain and competition schedule.

Since the 28th November, some football teams in the Côtes d’Armor did not play a single minute of the match. They were  cancelled because of the state of the pitches.

Others, fortunately, were able to find the way of the ground during the penultimate day but had to resign this weekend. All this because of the weather .

Cutting tricks too early?

Yann Le Buzulier, Pleubian coach laments:

“We have not played in the league since November 26. Since 4 September, we played 9 games. Perros has 2 more than we on the clock. We are now 8 points of them. This forces us to win in Cavan and Treg (February 25 to close the hen go) to stay in touch. This distorts necessarily the championship. Same for the cut. We make a great run this season with 32 of Britain cup final to play Servel. As the championship remains a priority, the league could require us to put our reserve team who plays in D3 about a possible 16th cut Britain for us to be updated in R3 championship. What’s the point? “

distorted championship , cutting towers that are linked 

“The League must also review its copy. For me, there are too many cup games early in the season. That one goes on the days of the championship at the beginning of September and not switch the game on two until late October. For some clubs no longer have any cut to play early November. “

The grounds are the issue?

If schedules are the biggest cause of all this mess, the grounds themselves are also to question.

One of the rules is that from a number of ‘bylaws , the district day is canceled and as soon as three leagues of 4 are canceled, the whole day is postponed. And municipalities are increasingly cautious to let her play.

“15-20 years ago, we played in the same weather conditions. The municipalities are much more cautious at the time. The bylaws fall from Thursday in some clubs. It is not normal. The municipal technical services no longer spend as much time as before to maintain the grounds, deplored Yann Le Buzulier. I remember my grandfather for years bichonnait the Stade Yves Meudal each week. It traced the lawn, mowed and even went so far off the goal nets every Sunday after every game. But that was before. Today it is the volunteer clubs that are half of those spots. I do not find it very logical.”

Longer winter break?

Other common as Paimpol Binic Pordic-found the parade.

Jonathan Le Brigand, Pordic Binic-coach, admits:

“Now fortunately we have a synthetic field. We can train in good conditions. The challenge is to keep players under pressure because there is the competition that allows it. A longer winter break would be imperative with no match on January to end in early June. Cla seems much more consistent.”

It is clear that changes are needed if one does not want to see the lovers of football die slowly.

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