14635 Students Taking Their BAC this Year in Loire Atlantique

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14635 students are taking their Bac this year in the Loire Atlantique

The bac exams have already started, with the different options. But it’s really starting on Thursday that the marathon of the Bac. With the philosophy and Technology for candidates for general

8357 students come to the general baccalaureate, all segments combined, in the Loire Atlantique. They are in 2710 for the technology Bac and 3568 for the professional Bac.

In total, in the academy, 38,053 candidates are running in the session of the baccalaureate 2017.

And this year, the oldest is 70 years old. She is taking a ES Bac (Economic and Social) in an examination center of Nantes. The youngest, they were born in 2001 and present the events two years in advance. They are thirty in this case.

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