Chateaubriant: Fatal Accident on the D178

Local News
Tuesday, June 13, at 6pm, a fatal accident occurred on the main road D178, between Chateaubriant and Noyal-sur-Brutz.

On Tuesday 13th June, shortly before 6pm, a fatal accident occurred on the D178, between Chateaubriant and Noyal-sur-Brutz. The driver of a car, wanting to overtake a van collided with a truck and found himself thrown from his vehicle.

The truck that was traveling on the D178 towards Chateaubriant wanted to avoid it, but he could not. The car, a blue Peugeot oncoming was about to overtake a van. He found himself stuck between two other vehicles, and struck the truck.

The shock was violent. At that point the man at the wheel of his Peugeot was thrown from the car and died, while the vehicle came to a stop in the ditch. Aged 57 years old, the driver lived in Chateaubriant.

Fatal road accident on the D178 at ChateaubriantThe truck was lying on the side.  The driver suffering a dislocated shoulder.

The van, found itself in the opposite direction of movement, but the driver was unharmed

Fatal road accident on the D178 near Chateaubriant


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