Football: Success for the Bleus against England

Success for the French team in the friendly football match against England

For this friendly match against England at the Stade de France, the Bleus had to overcome the mistake of the match against Sweden: it’s done. The team from France has finished the season on a convincing victory (3-2) against England. Umtiti, Sidibe and Dembele doubled responded to Kane. Varane was sent off.

It was agreed that this friendly match between France and England, would close the season, but for the Bleus would be more than just a football game. Two years after the Wembley tribute to the victims of the attacks in Paris, it was the turn of the Stade de France to reciprocate, God save the Queen and Do not look back in anger (Do not look back in anger) being played in unison before the President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Difficult transition, but the game has reasserted itself. For a fun game, definitely. Already in its position, sandwiched between a resounding defeat in Sweden on Friday (2-1), who relegated the Blues to second place in their qualifying group for the World Cup in in 2018, and an appointment with the Netherlands on August 31st in the same Stade de France.

The victory allows the Bleus at least not to sink into a downward spiral after losing a friendly against Spain (2-0) in late March, but took shape over the set facts.  The first : an early opening goal by Kane after a superb English collective movement. Alli reverses the game for Sterling, whose backheel found Bertrand serving caviar to his captain (9 ‘).

First Half

The French responded by taking referrals from Heaton keeper with Umtiti (22 ‘) and Sidibe (43’) concluded their first goals in blue. At the root of each of these goals, there was the kick from Lemar, and the same from Dembélé. These two have ruffled the meeting. The first beamed, omnipresent in the construction of the game, each affected property enhancing ball. Lemar and his left leg they begin to haunt the dreams of Payet?

The second half often lacked lucidity, but has largely unbalanced the defense, and offered a carefree spirit. And he was rewarded for his efforts when he scored the third goal of a good cross-shot (78 ‘), his first selection for its 7th goal.

The assist for “Ous”? Signed Mbappé. Funny game, it was also his. First discreet because little served, the new French star played crescendo to end up being decisive, failing to open its counter goals in the national team for its fourth selection.

Launched left side Mbappé perfectly served Dembélé who alone took on the goalkeeper, but did not score (16 ‘) then another shot from a tight angle passing the goalie (31’), lost two duels with the goalkeeper (65 ‘, 90 ‘+1) and even hit the bar (71’)! The Monegasque 18 has also often been trapped offside, and its relationship with any Giroud remained. But each ball struck, sometimes with leg-overs, gave chills to the Stade de France. And hopes in the context of Russia …

Varane excluded

Deschamps had messed his forward line after the delivery decried the Sissoko-Griezmann-Payet trio in Stockholm, so the benefit of the triplet-Dembélé Mbappé-Lemar. Only Giroud had kept his position, but he suffered another injury in the game, replaced by Koscielny. For Varane who was sent off early in the second half after Alli broke the surface. The Italian referee, Davide Massa, sought the help of the video, and then replaced the yellow card he had initially habded out with a red card, and confirmed the penalty, converted by Kane (48 ‘).

Yet it was ten against eleven that the French have scored the winning goal. The French defense of the Bleus was strong to face Kane, Sterling, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alli. But she was also covered by Kante, while Pogba showed authoritarian in midfield.

Les Bleus can go on holiday with a spirit a little lighter after the the mistake by Lloris against Sweden. And Deschamps mind is a bit more crowded now, being spoiled for choice for the next selection.

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