Brexit: Jobs and Growth, the Priorities of Negotiations, according to Hammond

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Phillip Hammond says that jobs and the economy are the priority in Brexit negoitiations

The priority of Brexit negotiations is to protect jobs and growth, said Friday the British finance minister Philip Hammond, three days before to begin discussions with the EU.

“As we begin the negotiations, my opinion, and I think the view of the majority of people in Britain, is that we must give priority to protecting jobs, economic growth and prosperity “Mr Hammond said, arriving at a meeting of the 28 ministers of EU Finance in Luxembourg.

This answered the question of whether he thought his vision of a Brexit being “soft”.

Hardly the results of British elections fell, which proved a fiasco for the Prime Minister Theresa May, Mr Hammond, a supporter of the EU by economic pragmatism, called on Mrs. May to think about the “first job” according to British media.

In the scenario of a “hard” Brexit, the United Kingdom would leave the European single market, close to European immigration and come out of the European Court of Justice.  Theresa May also said to reserve the possibility of leaving the EU with “no agreement rather than a bad deal.”

Lawyers advising on Brexit prefer a “soft” exit for their wish to maintain access to the single market and do not want to hear about an exit without agreement.

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