Weather: Record Temperatures for Next Week

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Record temperatures are expected in France as the weather gets warmer

France will know hotter weather on Sunday from a heat spike, said Meteo France this Friday, which will last all week. June should be among the five warmest recorded since records began.

From this weekend the temperatures will have “a summer nature”, especially on Sunday where it will be 31-32 degrees in the North, 34 degrees to the southwest. Around the Loire Atlantique there should be more than 35 degrees, for example inland close to Landes.

Monday it will be an average of 33 degrees in the north, 34 degrees in the south, and on Tuesday, 33 degrees everywhere.  It will dry, with occasional storms.

The temperature will go down slightly in the north by midweek, but will remain above seasonal averages (normal for the middle of June being 22-23 degrees in the north and 25 degrees in the south).

Heat wave or no heat wave?

“This heat spike will last several days” in the country, and at least until Friday to the south, according to the forecaster Frédéric Nathan.

It will closely monitor the temperatures at night, he says, when asked about the risk of a heat wave. But it is too early to predict yet, added the specialist.

A heat wave is characterized by hot days and nights over two days.  During the beginning, the country already had warm weather repeatedly. On the night of Thursday to Friday, nightly records have also been beaten in the south.


The records fall …

At Salon-de-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône) temperature has not dropped below 24.8 degrees. A record of all months for this town, since surveys carried out there (1939).

At the airport in Montpellier they remained at 25.1 degrees, a record for June. nocturnal records also in Cassis (24.5 degrees) or Marignane (25 degrees).

At the origin of this phenomenon, the presence of high clouds blocking the heat, and a northwest wind lobbying by falling Cévennes.

… more and more often

Finally in June 2017 will probably be in the top 5 or even the top 3, months of the warmest June since records began (1900), says Nathan, June 2003 and June 1950 remaining on the first two steps of the podium .

“We have more hot picks before, and in recent years it beats record hot weather than cold” , said the forecaster. “Let bat regularly these records, and more than 100 years ago, is characteristic of climate change. “

A few tips

There are simple ways to protect themselves from a heat stroke. First, it can ensure to preserve the cool freshness in his house, closing the shutters during the day.

The key is to stay hydrated (by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day):

How to deal with the hot weather in France

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