Thunderstorms in the Côtes d’Armor: Impressive Pictures and Big Damage

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Between 9pm and 10pm, a powerful thunderstorm cell crossed in the eastern Cotes-d'Armor. Merdrignac in Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, firefighters were very busy. 88 interventions were counted

Between 9pm and 10pm, a powerful thunderstorm cell crossed east of Cotes-d’Armor. Merdrignac in Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, firefighters were very busy. 88 interventions were counted. In Plémet, lightning has struck a house that is burning.

Water waterspouts fell on the eastern Armor Coast, Sunday night, between 9 pm and 10 pm. Radar also recorded thousands of lightning strikes.

Firefighters conducted 88 operations in the region of Dinan, central Brittany up to the coast. Particularly in the municipalities of Créhen Merdrignac and Saint-Cast-le-Guildo. In Dinan, some businesses were flooded up to 50 cm of water in basements. At 11 am, the firemen were documenting in Dinan, 22 interventions, half to the center of the medieval city.

Thunderstorms in the Côtes d'Armor: Impressive Pictures and Big Damage 1
Between 11pm and 11.45pm, torrents of water spilled into the streets of Dinan. Here, the bottom of the Rue du Petit Fort, near Jerzual. | Alain Brillaud

An accident deprived of electricity residents

At 11.25pm, while the downpour pours on the country roads of Dinan, a young motorist hit a concrete power pole, at a place called The Pesnais, Champs Géraux. She was traveling between Evran and Lanvallay. In shock, the post fell to 40 cm of the car, only cause. Inside, the victim was only slightly injured.

The accident caused the breaking of a power distribution station. 1500 customers were left without power in the area. A few minutes later, 46 guests, close to the locality, remained to troubleshoot. The Enedis agents are at work on Monday to restore the situation. The highway has been closed for the night.

Mudslides and fire shed

On Monday morning, firefighters were still working at Hénanbihen between Dinan and Lamballe, where mudslides have occurred and have caused damage. Pleslin-Trigavou was also affected by the phenomenon.

At Corseul, an isolated hangar housing farm equipment, caught fire on Monday at 5 am. “This may have been caused by lightning, but we’re not sure,” says Flora Vicainne, fire and rescue center of Dinan. The damage is only material.

The storms also particularly affected the northwest of the Ille-et-Vilaine. Many shops and houses were flooded. The water invaded the RN12, between Saint-Brieuc and Rennes.

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