Macron and Merkel want a “new dynamic” Franco-German Relationship

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For his first official trip, Emmanuel Macron traveled to Berlin, where he was welcomed by Angela Merkel.

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel met in Berlin, to discuss a “new dynamic” Franco-German Relationship in a stronger European Union …

Emmanuel Macron became on Sunday, at the age of 39, the eighth president of the Fifth French Republic during a day full of symbols and important events. On Monday, the new head of state has appointed Edouard Philippe Prime Minister before leaving for Germany, where he met Angela Merkel for her first trip abroad.

Emmanuel Macron has made known as soon as Monday the name of the one he has chosen to lead his first government: it is of Edouard Philippe, 46, deputy mayor of Le Havre, a Republican and close friend to Alain Juppé.

The Prime Minister is asked to form a government within 48 hours. The new president must convince his ability to gather around his centralist project, so being “neither right nor left” and seeks a majority before the legislative elections to the National Assembly on the 11th and 18th June. The appointment a prime minister from the right, could lead some among the Republican party, to take the step to be candidates in the presidential majority.

The new president then traveled to Berlin, his first foreign visit, to have talks with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel to discuss a “new dynamic” Franco-German relationship, and at a time in the European Union with Brexit and the rise of nationalism, promised to work for the rebuilding of a European Union in crisis.

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