Presidential: “Nightmare avoided”, “Relief,” “Optimism” … The International Press Hailed the Victory of Macron

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Emmanuel macron thanks supporters after victory in Presidential elections

FRENCH ELECTIONS: “After Brexit and Trump, there will not be Le Pen,” says a Spanish daily …

Since much of the French press , the foreign press hailed on Sunday evening the victory of Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election.

“France has chosen Macron and contains populism,” wrote the Spanish newspaper El País . “And France said no. Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the presidential election, a pro-European and a former Liberal banker, contained the wave of populist discontent triumphed in November in the US presidential election and before the British referendum. ” “After the Brexit and Trump, there will not be Le Pen.”

“Europe avoids the nightmare”

For the conservative German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, “Europe avoids the nightmare. The unthinkable was avoided: France will not be led by a woman from the extreme right. The clear victory of Emmanuel Macron gives confidence, but Europe must not have any illusions however. ” The leftist daily Tageszeitung also wrote that “the clear victory of Emmanuel Macron is a huge relief for France.”

“A new man” for the newspaper Le Temps  : “Emmanuel Macron has successfully won a foolish bet. Beyond the level of abstention, the radicalization of extreme right and left and the disintegration of the traditional parties, the main lesson of this 7th May is that France has chosen a new man to begin its transformation “.

“Good luck Mr. Macron, you’re going to need,” written for his part Guardian who is concerned about the record of the extreme right;  “Any other result would have been a European disaster and for once, fortunately, the polls were right.”

“France vote for optimism”

In the US, the New York Times sees the victory of Mr Macron a “great relief for Europe”. In Australia, for The Sydney Morning Herald , “France votes for optimism.” The paper also highlights the “relief for Europe”.

Finally, in Russia, the newspaper Vedomosti estimates that the French have chosen the “candidate who represents the essential principles of the Fifth Republic: the government by a qualified elite and involvement in European integration.” The online newspaper points out that the new president “will meet the demand for change, not as struggling against a conservative program against negative expectations and the risk of deja vu.”

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