Legislative Elections 2017

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Legislative elections for the National Assembly will be on the 11th and 18th June

The 11 June and 18 June, the French are again called to the polls for Legislative Elections to vote for MP’s to the National Assembly …

Once elected, the President appoints a prime minister whose first task is to form a government. They must have the support of a majority of MPs to implement their program.

In the last 2012 parliamentary elections , the presidential majority that Francois Hollande had carried with 331 seats out of 557. The Assembly generally leans to the left or right depending on the election. But this year, the traditional parties such as the Socialist Party and the Republicans are in competition with new competition ( En March! France-Insoumise ) and the thrust of the Front National. The future composition of the Parliament is more than ever undecided.

legislative rules

The territory is divided into 577 districts (often subdivision of a department). Candidates for deputy are selected from each legislative district.

A candidate can be elected in the 1st round if they get more than 50% of votes cast. If no candidate is over 50%, then the two leading candidates can continue for a second round. The following candidates can also continue if they obtained at least 12.5% ​​of the vote (that is the case in the triangular second round).

The first round of parliamentary elections are to be held on Sunday 11th June, and the second round Sunday 18th June.

How to vote ?

– be of age and have registered on the electoral roll before the 31st December 2016 (the minors reaching their majority before polling day can vote)

– go to the polling station indicated on his registration card

– present, in addition to the electoral registration card, ID

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