But Who is the Man in the Cap behind Emmanuel Macron?

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Who is the man in a cap behind Emmanuel Macron

It’s the end of the Emmanuel Macron speech on the esplanade of the Louvre. His wife Brigitte and his children, his grandchildren and his family are up on stage to sing with him la Marseillaise.  A man, tall, in a burgundy sweater, appears behind the couple with a cap on his head. “But who is it?” Many ask since its appearance …

Is it a parent of Emmanuel Macron? A relative ? A member of his campaign team? We only saw him on Sunday evening, on the stage of the Louvre plaza: a young man, tall, wearing a maroon sweater and wearing a cap, burst between the Macron couple to the delight Internet users. Soon, they were unleashed on it. With this essential question: Who is this?

Very quickly, the Tweets imagine its very casual look will be a hit on social networks.

Internet users have conducted the investigation and eventually found the identity of the mystery man:

Indeed, “the man in the cap” called Morgan Simon, if one believes his Twitter account. He claims to be an activist of the first hour of the party En Marche, created by Emmanuel Macron on April 6, 2016.

The young man responded to France Info, and explained how he ended up behind the new president. “There was no one behind him, I just put myself there without thinking. I did not think I had a cap. It is true that I should have listened, but that is my style every day, it was not wanted. ” 

Morgan Simon is from Nantes and when it is not politics, he sells pizzas, according to France Info.  Our colleague Philippe Mathé had therefore been right …

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