March was the Hottest in France since 1900, tied with 1957

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March was the hottest since 1900 in France

WEATHER: The temperatures recorded at the end of March are normally recorded in May …

March was the hottest in France since 1900, tied with 1957 with an average of 11 ° C, said Météo France on Monday.

“Temperatures have been high throughout the month, both the minimum as well as the maximum”, especially during the last ten days marked by normal values ​​recorded during the month of May, said Christine Berne climatologist Weather La France.

In other European countries also

There was a small number of days with frosts, normally regular at this time of the year, she added. A monthly average of 11 ° C in March a difference to the increase of 2.3 ° C with the reference March average, which is calculated over the period 1981-2010.

In addition to 1957, the previous record for the month of March in France was an average of 10.7 ° C, recorded in 1948, 1994 and 1997.

During the past month, temperatures were particularly mild in the northern third of France, but also “in most of our European neighbors’, especially in Northern Europe, said Meteo France.

“Rather well watered”

Absolute records were broken in some old temperature records stations, notably at Le Bourget and Villacoublay.

At Le Bourget, where the previous record was in 1920 the average was 10.7 ° C in March 2017, and at Villacoublay, it was 10.4 ° C (previous record set in 1946).

An absolute record for March was also beaten in Dunkerque (10.1 ° C), where the highest average dated from 1917 and Le Mans (10.9 ° C, 1944).

March was preceded by a month of February also hot (+ 2.5 ° C above normal) but not exceptional. However in January was particularly cold (average of less than 2 ° C above normal).

March 2017 was very hot but “rather well watered,” said Christine Berne, although normally rainy areas (Brittany, Ardennes, North) were more spared.

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