RN24 to Languidic: The Accident Discovered Several Hours Later

Local News
On the RN24, Languidic, a road accident discovered hours later

Wednesday morning, a patrol team of the Interregional Directorate of Roads has discovered a sunken car on the RN24 in the direction Rennes-Lorient at Languidic. A person is seriously injured.

Wednesday morning, around 7am, a patrol team of DIRO (direction interrégionale des routes Ouest) discovered a car below the RN24 in the direction Rennes-Lorient, 2 km from the exit of Languidic. With a man trapped inside.

A person injured

They immediately started the rescue. The accident occurred around 2am.

A man, aged forty, was trapped in his vehicle, unable to get out.

Wounded in the legs, he was rushed to the hospital Scorff.

4 km stopper

On site, firefighters Hennebont and Languidic, gendarmes and Smur Lorient aided the rescue for nearly two hours.

The right lane was neutralized during the operation, causing 4 km of traffic delays.

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