Johnny Hallyday: The Facebook Account of his Daughter Laura Smet Hacked

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Laura Smet, the daughter of Johnny Hallyday, 73.

Laura Smet, daughter of singer Johnny Hallyday, has been a victim of cyber-hacking. A false message relayed on her Facebook account announcing her father “dead”. A complaint will be filed.

The message had enough to worry the fans of Johnny Hallyday. Posted Monday on the Facebook account of his daughter Laura Smet, he announced that the singer was suffering from lung cancer and was “dead”.

Alarmist information quickly denied by the young woman who explained to be hacked. Johnny Hallyday, 73, himself has reassured fans on Twitter.

Complaint against X

The case now takes a legal turn. On Tuesday, the lawyer Herve Temime has finally announced the filing of a complaint of X before the Paris Court for “spoofing an online public communications network, fraudulent collection of personal data theft information, concealment and introduction into an automated data processing system “ .

“We’re used to this kind of false news announcing his death, almost every year”, responded one of the producers of Johnny Hallyday interviewed by L’Express.  Last summer already, the  social network had echoes of a “false” death.  The health of the singer became a media-sensitive subject since his hospitalization in 2009 in the United States. After undergoing surgery in Paris for a slipped disc, he must then be admitted to emergency in Los Angeles following complications. The rocker was forced to cancel a series of concerts presented then as his farewell tour.

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