The Fight against Bullying using GIFs

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GIFs are to be used to try and combat bullying

HARASSMENT: The European Association against the bullying has launched a GIFs based campaign to sensitize young people to the phenomenon …

Teasing, violence, humiliation, harassment at school is a scourge for millions of teenagers worldwide. Acts which sometimes seem insignificant to stalkers, but that can have catastrophic consequences for the victims. Some, devastated even ended their days.

It is against these acts that the European network against bullying, the European antibullying Network , launched a very original campaign. It has posted a series of GIFs featuring bullying situations. A way to reach a young audience accustomed to watching this kind of animated images and repetitive Internet. GIFs they can easily share on social networks to reach a greater number of people.

These scalable GIFs show how humiliation or intimidation can turn into real aggression. The image that can repeat loop a picture, shows the evolution of the violence of certain acts. Thus, a girl who are cutting a strand of hair, ends up getting burned with a lighter. Another on which a student sent a ball ends down, beaten up by a group of students.

The problem taken very seriously in France

In France, the problem of bullying is taken very seriously by the government. In 2015, it established the International Day on harassment. The opportunity to broach the subject with videos campaigns widely disseminated by the media.

Since 2012, hundreds of thousands of members of Education have been trained on this issue. The number of listening to victims , the 3020 is available from 9:00 to 8:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. Saturday. Since 2014, harassment and cyberstalking became a crime and can be depending on the severity of the consequences , punished four-year prison sentence and 45,000 euro fine.

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