Blocking of Oil Sites: CGT Calls for a General Strike on 23rd November

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The CGT calls for a General strike on 23rd November blocking oil sites

The ultimatum to the government not having followed up, the unions CGT call for a general strike of oil depots on the 23rd November to maintain their collective agreements

They call for a general strike of oil sites (refining, petrochemicals, fuel depots and port depots, airport stations, etc.) on 23rd November 2017, for a duration of 24 hours. In a statement, they specify:

No employer in the industry is today ready to commit in writing to the non-degradeable nature of the Collective Agreement. As a result, the Petroleum unions have entered a process of building power.

Maintain salary elements

As a reminder, the CGT unions of the oil industry want to preserve the salary elements, early retirement, and maintain the CHSCT (committee for hygiene, safety and working conditions), “given how dangerous the sites are on which we work “, specifies Emmanuel Lépine, general secretary of the FNIC-CGT.

In France, there are eight refineries, such as Total in Gonfreville-L’Orcher near Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) or Donges (Loire-Atlantique), and many storage sites . In May 2016, the blockage of refineries paralyzed the entire country. What will happen on the 23rd November ?

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