Nantes: Grande tablée bretonne, sixth edition on the 14th May

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La Grande tablée bretonne is set for the 14th May in Nantes

As part of the Festival of Brittany “Gouel Breizh” 2017, the Committee of Breton wine organizes for Sunday 14th May, 2017, on the place of Petite-Hollande, in Nantes, the sixth edition of Grande tablée bretonne

Annual event that finds more and more followers, Grande tablée bretonne allows diners to rediscover Nantes, every year, the wines made by winemakers Muscadet, associated for the occasion with Breton specialties.

On the 14th May 2017, a large table will be set up on the square of Petite-Hollande, surrounded by food stalls. These local wines will be presented around traditional musical entertainment and regional groups that will share the stage.

The party will start at 11 am. Free entry and open to all. The day will start with a parade in the streets of Nantes. This folk procession will be accompanied by different brotherhoods: l’Ordre des Chevaliers Bretvins, la commune libre du Bouffay and also la Gorsedd de Bretagne (Druids).

Last year, 4000 to 5000 people attended the event.

The music program of the Sixth Grande tablée bretonne :

  •  The Javel country Ancenis (Celtic circle)
  •  Of particular
  •  Bombard & Co
  •  Koznoz
  • Koll boued (musical springboard)
  • Accornemuse
  • Barbar’o’rhum (Pirate celtic rock)
  • Digresk (Celtic electro rock)

The Breton wines Committee is also on Facebook .

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