Grasse: Four Days after the Shooting, the Students Return

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Students return to the Lycee in Grasse, four days after the shooting

Classes resume on Monday at Tocqueville Lycee in Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes), four days after the shooting triggered by a student of 17 years and that injured five people.

Lycee students at Tocqueville in Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes) returned underway Monday morning in a heavy atmosphere, four days after one of their comrade opened fire at the facility, leaving five injured, including the principal.

“It is just weird,” says Mathurin, 16, student of 1st S in the Lycee on the outskirts of Grasse, which has a good reputation in the region.

Like his comrades, he had to show his correspondence book to the gate to enter the property, a standard procedure in the facility.

Five wounded

Monday morning, three employees of the rectory were however open the bags at the foot of the stairs leading to the main entrance. The return was also monitored by the police.

Many students, often uncommunicative, confessed their fears to return being just days after Killian, one of their classmates, wounded by firing pellets in shotgun rifle four high school and hit the headmaster with a weapon 22 caliber handguns.

In custody, Killian told investigators he wanted to attack a number of students between 8 and 13 or 14. All of the injured were not part of its pre-determined targets.

Anxiety attack

Parents, who would not give their identity, came Monday morning excuse their daughter, victim of a Sunday night anxiety attack and they have led to the emergency of the hospital. They were received by the Senior Advisor of Education (CPE).

Carine, an assistant education, could not help telling what she experienced Thursday. “I put on my Facebook page to vent” , she whispers. She attended almost all the scene and participated in the evacuation of students.

“I experienced live. This weekend, it was going to (…), which is good, that’s a mom thanked me for saving his daughter “ , she says.

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