Attack in London: Johan, a Student in Concarneau, Testifies

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Johan, a student from Finistere was present during the attack in London

Johan, second grader at St. Joseph High School in Concarneau (Finistère), is part of the students present in London for a school trip. This Wednesday on the bridge during the attack with 35 other comrades, he talked in the late afternoon.

How are you, where are you now?

“We met in a London hotel. During the attack, I was next door when it happened. Right now it is already better but at first many people were crying, someone was unwell. There were three wounded because of the car. The others were all injured by knife. I only heard two shots. There were three or four people lying on the ground behind me. I think it was stabbing because I have not heard of shot at that time. ”

Were you at any place when it happened?

“We were not far from the Parliament, outside, virtually on the deck, we had just leave” when the attack occurred. “We were 36 to walk the bridge group. ”

A car came up, right?

” Yes. She came on the side, there was a barrier between us but it broke and the car drove on students. We saw and heard happen. ”

Three of your friends have been injured?

“Three boys yes. Given the impact that we saw, I think they are in serious condition. ”

The assailant then left?

“Yes, he came out and ran towards Parliament. We began to recede, that was our first thought when the car hit the students. We heard two shots, they have hurt the one that came out of the car. Then I saw people on the ground, lying and who received stab wounds I think. ”

You will be supported by psychologists?

“It has already been taken care of, there is a hotel there. We arrived Sunday morning for a scheduled return Friday. It will be repatriated tomorrow.

[Original version in French: Ouest France]

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