Storm: Orange Alert in Four Western Departments

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Four departments in the Northwest of France have been placed on Orange alert

A storm and high winds forecast from this Thursday evening. Four departments were placed on orange alert by Météo France.

Meteo France placed the coast of Finistere and Morbihan in orange alert wave-flooding from Thursday. These two departments and the English Channel and the Cotes d’Armor were also placed in vigilance violent storm-winds.

This is a depression at the entrance to the Channel which is causing strong winds legitimizing raising the vigilance level.

Meteo France said that in the most exposed headlands, the gusts could reach 130 km/h. Inland, the strongest winds should be measured around 100 km/h.

After sweeping the UK, these winds should touch the Cotentin Friday afternoon.

Four departments of western France were placed in orange alert.
Four departments of western France were placed in orange alert. | Visactu


Finistere was placed in orange alert Thursday night until Friday 7pm. Meteo France in the department provides “a very strong and formed swell from the west and southwest with waves up to 8 meters near coastlines in the night” . Friday, gusts to 110km/h are expected in the land, up to 130 km/h on exposed headlands.

“The strong waves thus generated will risk wave submersion, mainly at the open sea submersion of low or vulnerable parts of the relevant departments”, says Meteo France.

Côtes d’Armor

The Cotes d’Armor has also been placed in amber alert on Friday from 8am till 9pm. with wind gusts that may reach a maximum of “110 to 120 km/h the coast” and “90 to 100 km/h on land , peaking at 110 km/h “. Power cuts and the phone will affect the networks and vehicles could be turned over, said the public body.


In the Channel, also in orange alert until 4pm on Friday, “the winds will reach 90 to 110 km/h on land and up to 120 km/h on the coast mainly west and north” .


The dangerous period for the Morbihan is from 6am till 11am on Friday morning for risk-waves flooding and 7am till 4pm for strong winds.

“Along the Morbihan coast, strong surges could cause flooding localized on the exposed or vulnerable parts of the coast. The phenomenon will be more pronounced at high tide to 9am on Friday morning “, says Meteo France.


The Ille-et-Vilaine was in turn placed in yellow alert for strong wind vigilance.

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