Storm: Disruption ahead on the Bridge of Saint-Nazaire

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The storm will cause disruptions on the bridge of Saint-Nazaire

Due to strong wind gusts announced by Meteo France, traffic may be disrupted on the bridge of Saint-Nazaire on Friday 3rd February.

The Department recommends already at all with an empty truck or a low charge to anticipate or defer their passage on the bridge of Saint-Nazaire. Restrictive measures should indeed occur from 10 am until 17 pm, as the sentencing of the middle lane and the traffic ban for vehicles with trailer and two-wheelers, as soon as the wind speed will exceed 80 km/h.

Reminder of different scenarios: Wind greater than or equal to 50 km/h: Display of automatic caution messages on signs located on both sides of the book. Wind greater than or equal to 80 km/h: Closing the center lane of the work and therefore overtaking and a speed ​​limitation to 50 km/h. Driving ban for two-wheeled vehicles towing a caravan or trailer. Wind greater than or equal to 120 km/h will result in a complete closure of the bridge.

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