Violent storm near Flers, flooded Caen road

Normandy: Violent Storm Near Flers, Flooded Caen Road

A violent storm fell on Thursday 24th May, 2018 in the Flers region. The axis leading to Caen was impassable, totally flooded at the exit of Saint-Georges-des-Groseillers. The storm lasted only thirty minutes, Thursday , May 24, 2018 , the region of Flers, around 19:30. But the rainfall was particularly abundant. Several tens of millimeters of water fell on the sector. In Saint-Georges-des-Groseillers, […]

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A storm is coming to the Pays de la Loire and the Hauts-de-France

Weather: A Storm is Coming this Sunday for the Pays de la Loire and Hauts-de-France

WEATHER: Many weather models are announcing two storm depressions, Sunday and Tuesday. The first storm should extend from the Pays de la Loire to the Hauts-de-France through the Paris Basin. And gusts, exceed 100 km/h. Let’s see that more closely. You did not like Moscow-Paris and its icy cold wind? Well, here comes back New York-Paris. In other words, the good […]

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A new storm is expected from the west of France

Weather: A New Storm in the West? Gusts to 110 km/h Expected

A new storm is expected to cross the country from Tuesday 16th January. Wind gusts up to 110 km/h accompanied by rain, are notably announced. The rain came in the northwest on Monday January 15 in the morning, in Brittany and Normandy . A region where the wind is already very strong. In the coming days, especially between Tuesday and […]

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The Fionn or Felix storm should reach France and the Normandy coast Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weather: Rain, Hail and Strong Winds, Normandy Soon Facing a New Storm?

A new storm could crack in Normandy. Fionn or Felix could happen by the Channel coast from the 16th January 2018. The maritime prefect urges caution. Forecasters announce the arrival of a new storm in Normandy , Tuesday 16th January, 2018. After Ana, Bruno, Carmen and Eleanor, this new depression will bring heavy rain or hail. Felix or Fionn, his name will depend […]

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Carmen storm caused the fall of a wind turbine at Bouin, Vendee

Carmen Storm: Gusts up to 113 km/h on the l’île d’Yeu, Vendee

The Vendée department remains on orange alert for the Carmen Storm with to the risk of strong wind and the risk of flooding from waves. At Bouin, a wind turbine has collapsed In late morning on Monday 1 January, the west wind southwest blew strong enough, with gusts observed to 113 km/h to Yeu Island and 111 […]

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A new storm called Carmen could hit France on New Years Day

Weather: A New Storm called Carmen Could Sweep France at New Year

The arrival of a new storm, named Carmen, is confirmed more and more. A depression that could sweep France on Monday 1st January 2018 After Ana and Bruno , a new storm  could sweep France, Monday 1 January 2017 in the morning. The new year could be hectic with the arrival of this new storm, named Carmen . The weather channel says Saturday, Dec. 30, according to its latest […]

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Strong winds are forecast over Brittany

Storm: Strong Winds Expected Tonight across Brittany

A strong gale with gusts to 100 km/h was expected Wednesday night on the tip of Brittany. The Finistère prefecture decided to limit car traffic speed on the bridge of Iroise at Brest. Ventilators should be inflated to block Wednesday evening on the tip of Brittany. A new rainy disturbance currently engulfs the north-west, to extend all […]

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Very strong winds cause extensive damage in the Haute-Loire.

Haute-Loire: Very strong winds cause extensive damage

Very strong winds have caused extensive damage in the night from Wednesday to Thursday in Haute-Loire, near Yssingeaux, where the roofs, trees and electrical son were torn. Haute-Loire is part of the departments placed in orange alert Wednesday, August 30 because of the risk of violent storms. Around 2.30am, about thirty houses had their roofs blown partially or […]

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Tuesday morning, after the passage of the storm Zeus, 220,000 homes were still without power.

Storm Zeus: 220,000 Homes still without Power, 53,000 in Brittany

Tuesday morning at 10 am, after the passage of the storm Zeus, 220,000 homes were still without power. Monday night, at the most critical moment, 600,000 homes were without power by the storm that killed two motorists killed by falling trees in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Dordogne. In Brittany, 53,000 homes are still without power. 220,000 homes […]

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Treesb uprooted by the storm that hit Saint Nazaire

Storm in Saint Nazaire: Uprooted Trees, Ongoing Interventions

Three poplars were uprooted by the wind early this morning to the landscaped park.  Others have been elsewhere. A van was lying on the bridge of Saint Nazaire. Firefighters and City departments are in the breach. A huge poplar fell around 8 am this morning at avenue Suzanne Lenglen. Fortunately, no pedestrians or car was […]

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