“Paris is not Paris”: Holland Responds to Trump

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Francois Hollande responds to Donald Trump and his comments on Paris and France

“It’s never good to score the slightest distrust of a friendly country,” says the President responding to his American counterpart over remarks on Paris and France …

Cold War between Washington and Paris? Hollande responded on Saturday to Donald Trump that it is not a good sign to to score distrust to a friendly country, after the remarks on Friday of US president on “Paris is not Paris” .

“It’s never good to score the slightest distrust of a friendly country. That’s what I do not do, in respect of a friendly country and I ask the American president to do, in respect of France, “ said the President during his visit to the agricultural Fair. 

Friday, Donald Trump told an anecdote to make France a foil term migration policy and defend his. “I have a friend is someone very important. He loves the City of Light. For years, every summer, he went to Paris with his wife and family” , he said.  “I had not seen for a long time and I said ‘Jim, how’s Paris?’; ‘. I do not go over anymore, Paris is not Paris”, told the 45th president of the United States.

Trump has expressed “all the love he has felt for Paris”

“National security begins with border security. Foreign terrorists will not strike America if they can not enter our country”, also launched Trump during the big annual conference of conservative CPAC.

Asked about the remarks, Francois Hollande said that Donald Trump recently had told him on the phone of “all his love for Paris and France, he loved France, and there was no more beautiful country than France”“So I guess it must be a thought. If that’s his thinking, I imagine he will express”, added François Hollande.  “Fortunately, for several months American tourists have returned in numbers because they see the considerable efforts of the French authorities to ensure security, “ said the French president, continuing, ” And I will not make any comparison but here there is no circulation of weapons, there are no people who take weapons to shoot into the crowd. “

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