Missing family near Nantes. “Ordinary people, very discreet”

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The missing family near Nantes, were ordinary people and very discreet

The disappearance of this couple and their two children 18 and 21 years, since the 17th February from this residential area of ​​Orvault, near Nantes. The family had, it seems, not woven many relationships with local residents.

“We saw them from time to time. Front of his barbecue it to cook. We said two or three words, like this. Very polite exchanges. But we do not know more than that. “ This retired couple lives a few meters from the house of the family of which there is no news for one week, in a residential area of Orvault, near Nantes. Their gardens are terraced. Behind the housing shuttered, where the police have been sealed, the space is well-maintained, trimmed trees. “  We never heard of problems. They are ordinary people. ”

“There are a few years, we saw the children play”

The family lived at this address for at least ten years. But these exchanges between neighbors seemed very rare. In this quiet street where a mixture of families and elderly live, the couple and two children did not weave many relationships. The nearest neighbors sometimes the Crusaders, no more. “There are a few years, we saw the children play” recalls a resident. “Today, they are great, they must be parties to study” . A neighbor added: “  I spotted their car, an Audi and a black BMW, those of the couple, and the Peugeot of their son. But they have never seen them. 

The missing family lives in this house in Orvault. The court has been sealed on the doors and shutters.
The missing family lives in this house in Orvault. The court has been sealed on the doors and shutters. | Marc ROGER

The news of their disappearance continues to intrigue. “One wonders what might have happened. It’s chilling to see this house with seals on the doors and shutters “ slips a carer who comes daily to the bedside of a resident.

“Summarily wiped blood traces”

The couple has not been heard from since the 17th February. Inside the house, they have thoroughly searched Thursday night, specialized police forensic identification found traces of blood. On a phone in a room of the house. “Blood traces summarily wiped” a source close to the case.

Criminal investigation for intentional homicide, kidnapping was opened. “Extensive investigations are underway to try to find the family members,” said Pierre seine, the public prosecutor of Nantes. These investigations are continuing in various parts of the country.

Searches were conducted Friday in children’s homes, in the Vendee and in the Maine-et-Loire. “At that time, all scenarios are possible” insisted the prosecutor.

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