Missing Family near Nantes. An Investigation for “Murder”

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A murder investigation has been opened after blood found at house in Nantes

A family of four mysteriously disappeared since February 16th. An investigation was underway for “intentional homicide, kidnapping.”

A family of four Orvault, north of Nantes, mysteriously disappeared from their home where traces of blood were discovered, causing concern about a possible tragedy in this family. The four people – parents and two children, a boy aged 21 and a girl aged 18 – have not been heard from since February 16th.

“We cannot get through to anyone” , said the public prosecutor of Nantes, Pierre seines, which in a statement on Saturday, said an investigation was under “intentional homicide, kidnapping “.

“I fell directly on his voicemail”

The mother, who works in a tax center in Nantes, should resume work on Monday. The father, aged 49, was to resume meanwhile Friday. It is used for over 10 years in an small factory specializing in the manufacture of illuminated signs in Orvault. “I called him and I fell directly on his email,” says Bertrand Ploquin, the company’s CEO who said “I do not know him personally” 

Concerned by the unusual silence, the sister of the mother, a native of Finistère, alerted investigators on Thursday. Policemen immediately went to the home, a house in a residential area of Orvault, about ten kilometers north of Nantes, where the family lives for ten years. The investigators thoroughly searched the garden and the pavilion of a floor. He found there include “a cell phone with traces of blood,” the prosecutor said. Other traces of blood were also found in a room of the house.

A murder investigation has opened after the disappearance of the family from Nantes
What is known about the worrying disappearance of a family of 4. | Infographic: Visactu

“An assumption of violence”

These traces “make us think that there has been a scene of violence without having to detail at this stage of the investigation” , he stressed. “These bloodstains worry us, there is an assumption of violence” , he insisted. However, “it is not possible at this stage to accurately determine the course of events, investigators from the judicial police holding all possibilities” , said the prosecutor of Nantes.

The investigation was entrusted to the judicial police in Nantes, continued Saturday, said the prosecutor in a statement. Investigations are ongoing in different parts of the national territory and “are complemented by an operating working all traces and evidence gathered in the house ,” Mr. seines. As part of the investigation, samples were carried out by investigators and two vehicles of the couple were placed under seal. Seals were also posed by investigators on shutters, the entrance door on the garage door on the ground floor, on the portal and on the mailbox flag. On the door of the house, noted “worrying disappearance” . The son of the vehicle was not parked in front of the pavilion, a source close to the matter.

“It was reserved people, they were there for at least 10 years, it was people who did not talk about themselves and did not necessarily want to build relationships” , said a neighbour. “At first, we said hello and then after no” , she added.

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