Missing Family near Nantes: Missing DNA of Charlotte

Local News
No DNA found of the daughter, Charlotte at the house near Nantes

As part of the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the Troadec family, Orvault, north of Nantes, on the night of February 16th to 17th, the first samples have delivered results. But others are still being analyzed.

DNA analysis began talking. Initial findings by experts of forensics revealed only the presence of the blood of three of the four members of the family Troadec, in the house of the street Auteil, Orvault near Nantes. Traces, some wiped hastily, had been found in various places of the house.

The DNA of the father, the mother and son were found. No DNA was found for the daughter, Charlotte.

At this point, it means nothing of speaking to the investigation. Moreover, an additional search was conducted to make new contributions. The samples were sent to analysis to try to find traces of blood from the girl’s family or, if necessary, a third person.

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