Weather in Nice: Forecast for Saturday 21st March, 2020

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The weather forecast for Nice, Saturday 21st March

WEATHER: Young and old can spend their day under a cloudy sky in Nice. The temperatures will be 13 ° C in the morning and 14 ° C in the afternoon …

The sky will clear up in Nice during the day. An easterly wind will slightly cool the atmosphere. In the morning, values ​​are expected to be around 13 ° C. Temperatures will be 13 ° C minimum and 14 ° C highest in the afternoon. The weather should improve during the evening. A clear night will await you between Saturday and Sunday.

Tomorrow, the wind will gradually dispel the clouds in Nice. A northeast wind will blow slightly, at 6 km / h. In the morning, the temperatures will be 13 ° C. Tomorrow afternoon, the thermometer will display an average of 14 ° C. In the evening, scattered rain is expected.

For the rest, the weather will not change. Temperatures in the 10 ° C range will accompany sunny skies.

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