Lorraine: A “Surprise” in the Butter

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A surprise object found in the butter in the Lorraine

Sunday in Sarrebourg, Lorraine, a man made a strange discovery in his piece of butter. He found a foreign body rather surprising.

Sunday morning, while he was taking his breakfast, a resident of Sarrebourg in Lorraine made an unusual discovery, reports Le Républicain Lorrain . Opening his butter to prepare sandwiches, he found something that strongly resembles … a rat tail!

The first Sarrebourg has not understood what could be its black marks. “By digging, black was more prominent. I ended up cutting a good piece.” He told the regional daily. Following his excavations, he discovers a “foreign body, long, black, hard and fluffy” in the middle of his lump of butter. “It looks like a rat or mouse tail. But it could be something else,” he said.

Consumers reported the butter to the store where he had bought two days earlier. He received another block in exchange. The supermarket has contacted the manufacturer located in Brittany. They should make analyzes on the foreign body and launch an investigation to understand how such a thing could end up in the middle of the lump of butter.

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