The First Tatoo Truck will Travel the Streets of Toulouse in March

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Pascale Roget launches truck tatoo in Toulouse.

ECONOMY: No need to open the door to the tattoo artist! The first tattoo truck is to begin its activity around the streets of Toulouse in March …

After ten years of experience in the tattoo, she wants to start her own project, off the beaten track. Pascale Roget , will launch in early March the first “truck tatoo” itinerant tattoo truck to Toulouse.

health requirements

“I invent nothing because this concept comes from the United States and Canada but I recently found a truck tatoo existed in Normandy and Germany but none in the City of Toulouse, explains that brown haired, dynamic 52 year old. This is the same regulation as in a classic room, with the same health requirements. ”

To stay in the medical environment, Pascale, aka Paski, redeveloped and revamped an old ambulance used by firefighters. Waste outside, laminated cupboards, water, heating and ventilation, she has invested 10,000 euros for the purchase of equipment and the refurbishment of the vehicle that will allow it to meet its customers on demand, provided they are stationed legally on private parking. “I prefer the south of Toulouse, where I already have many contacts but the interest is not to go into the city centre where there are already many shops, she said. There are strict rules as not to disrupt traffic “.

Launching the March 3rd and 4th

To make an appointment, customers should call Pascale Roget then define their design project and its terms. The truck tattooist does not accept minors, provocative drawings or clients under the influence of alcohol.

Passionate about Polynesia, the artist therefore has a fondness for these tattoos but also love the little drawings fine line, called girly. At the launch of his truck tatoo on the 3rd and 4th March at 149, grande rue Saint-Michel, Paski tattoos offer at attractive prices on which she will donate a few euros for the benefit of associations campaigning for environmental issues or for Polynesia .

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