Emmanuel Macron in New York on September 24, 2019.

Emmanuel Macron: “France Can Not Welcome Everyone if it Wants to Welcome Well”

A few days before the opening of the debate on immigration to Parliament, President Emmanuel Macron spoke on this topic in an interview with Europe 1. Emmanuel Macron believes that “France can not accommodate everyone if it wants to welcome well,” wishing to avoid “simplistic debates” on this topic, in an interview to Europe 1 recorded from […]

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Christophe Castaner says he is open to a debate on quotas for immigration

Immigration: Christophe Castaner says he is Open to a Debate on Quotas

The Minister of the Interior does not rule out the question of quotas being posed for “other modes of legal immigration”, apart from the right of asylum. The Minister of the Interior refutes the idea of ​​establishing quotas on the right of asylum but does not exclude that the question is asked for “other modes of legal […]

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European migrants will be trated like any other immigrants after Brexit

UK: European Migrants will be Treated like Other Immigrants after Brexit

IMMIGRATION: Theresa May announced that the immigration rules will change for the members of the European Union after Brexit, putting an end to the free movement of people … Today, citizens of the European Union are currently free to settle and work in the United Kingdom. The situation should change significantly after Brexit , Theresa May announced . The British Prime Minister revealed on Tuesday […]

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Immigration demands from asylum seeking Migrants to the EU have fallen

For the First Time Since 2015, the Number of Asylum Applications Granted by EU Countries Dropped Sharply

IMMIGRATION: In 2017, 440,000 migrants received international protection in European countries, a decrease of 36% compared to 2016 according to the OECD annual report … In 2017, about 258 million people in the world lived outside their country of birth according to the OECD report published on Wednesday. Five million new migrants settled legally in OECD […]

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Macron and Merkel giving a press conference on Migrants and immigration

Macron and Merkel Want to Send Migrants Back to EU Countries of Entry

France and Germany have joined forces on the sensitive issue of immigration in Europe. They have recorded the referral the principle of returning migrants to the countries of entry The French President and German Chancellor announced Tuesday to work on an agreement between several countries in the Schengen area to refoulement any asylum seeker to the state […]

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Michel Barnier, the official negotiator of the European Union for the Brexit

Brexit: Concerns About the Haggling over the Rights of Citizens

Brexit Negotiators will conduct “extremely complex” discussions on the rights of European citizens in the UK and British expatriates in the EU. The Brexit referendum questioned the future of more than four million citizens. So far, the free movement allowing them to live, study and work anywhere in the EU. But Theresa May has interpreted […]

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Francois Hollande responds to Donald Trump and his comments on Paris and France

“Paris is not Paris”: Holland Responds to Trump

“It’s never good to score the slightest distrust of a friendly country,” says the President responding to his American counterpart over remarks on Paris and France … Cold War between Washington and Paris? Hollande responded on Saturday to Donald Trump that it is not a good sign to to score distrust to a friendly country, […]

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Donald Trump has spoken out against immigration, using Paris as an example

For Donald Trump, “Paris is not Paris”

US President Donald Trump takes France, and Paris as an example against the model for migration policy. François Hollande was told Saturday. “Paris is not Paris” : US President Donald Trump was quoted Friday, February 24  “a friend” who no longer set foot in the French capital, to defend its migration policy by taking France, […]

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