Brest: Gusts to 110 km/h Friday morning?

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The wind will strengthen throughout the day in the Brest region.

The wind will begin to strengthen this Thursday. Expect alerts for high winds and dangerous surf in the Brest area.

How will evolve the weather situation by Friday?

According to Marc Madec, the Météo-France station Brest – Guipavas, “it is confirmed that we will have a front disrupted by the end of the week. The wind speed will go up “. 70 – 80 km/h Thursday, gusts could go up to 110 km/h at the beginning of Friday morning. The southerly wind will switch to the west.

Should we expect weather alerts?

“Unable for now to specify the degree, yellow or orange,” warns Marc Madec. But it is quite possible that a strong wind warning is triggered for Friday and Saturday. It could be coupled with a warning on the waves. “The sea will be formed. The coefficients are fairly low but the ocean will coincide with the peak of the gale. “

What explains this?

Marc Madec sums this one phrase: “Open the depressions. “ After the cold anticyclonic period last week, we are pressed in a low pressure flow, usual for the season. “Pressure holes falls are quite strong, especially in the English Channel. Disturbances engulfed as if they were drawn there.

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