Vendée Globe: The Positions and Standings on Friday at 9 am

Vendee Globe
Latest updates on the positions in the Vendée Globe

Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) was glued to Armel Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire)! While the Bretons advance has been at idle for several days, the Welshman is only 55 miles behind at 9 am this Friday.

Armel Le Cléac’h ( Banque Populaire ) still leads the Vendée Globe … but only by a few miles! Always slow because of the high pressure, the Breton sees the Welshman Alex Thomson ( Hugo Boss ) back on him and is only 55 miles behind. The pace of the Welshman has also slowed considerably since Thursday (8 knots average speed, 7 Le Cléac’h).

Behind the duo, Beyou ( Maître Coq ) continues to progress after passing Cape Horn and is trailing by 1181 miles, filling part of the gap. Jean-Pierre Dick ( Saint-Michel-Virbac ) and Jean Le Cam ( Finistère Sea Wind ) follow and are held at 200 miles.

The hole is made on the implementation of the peloton led by Louis Burton ( Bureau Vallée ) that is 3335 miles from the Cléac’h but is 1,000 miles ahead of the eighth, Nador Fa ( Spirit of Hungary ). A big depression shows its face to the south of New Zealand.

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