World Cup: Alcohol Banned in Public Places in Qatar

Alcohol will be banned in public places for the World cup in Qatar

Qatar warned that alcohol would be banned in public spaces during the World Cup in 2022.

Alcohol will be banned on the streets and public spaces of Qatar at the World-2022, warned Tuesday of the tournament organizing committee, also opposed its use inside the stadiums.  “There will be no of alcohol in the streets, parks and public spaces is final, “ said Hassan Al-Thawadi, the secretary general of the organizing committee, in an interview with Al-Sharq.  ” We are against the sale of alcohol in stadiums and their surroundings “, he has also added.

This last point may be a problem with Fifa, which counts among its powerful sponsors, the US brewer Budweiser. For the World Cup in 2014, the world football body had gotten Brazil an exceptional suspension of a law prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages in sports arenas. There will be no total ban on drinking alcohol but this will only be permitted in “remote locations” , said Al-Thawadi, without giving details.

In Qatar, a Muslim country, alcohol is not prohibited. Expatriates can be procured provided they obtain a special permit.  Public drinking however falls under the law and bring to Alcohol to Qatar is also banned.

The organizers fear that alcohol helps promote violence between fans, as observed in June in Marseille during the Euro between English and Russian.  Al-Thawadi said earlier this year that the drunk fans will be treated ” kindly “

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