Motorway Toll Rates will Increase in 2017

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The rates are the tolls are increasing on the motorways in 2017

The motorway tolls will increase by 0.76% on average in 2017 in France, the largest increase for the network of Motorways South of France (ASF) managed by Vinci, reports the Journal du Dimanche.

The variation in tolls involves various components, such as the level of inflation, the increase in government fees and additional work in the contracts of concessionaires.

The increase on the ASF network and will reach 1.197% next year, above such expected increases on the APRR network (0.896%) and highways of Sanef and SAPN companies (0.582%). The network Cofiroute (0.572%) will experience the most moderate increase, according to the JDD which does not identify the source of its information.

The increase will take effect on the 1st February, the newspaper said.

And new future increases

In September, the government announced a second stimulus package motorway billion euros, funded notably by the local authorities and another rate increase tolls.

This will be “between 0.3% and 0.4% per year between 2018 and 2020” , warned the Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal.

It had been only two months between the announcement of a second plane by President Francois Hollande in July and its implementation on track in September.

In comparison, the foreground signed in September 2015 had been negotiated for more than three years. A long gestation in part related to the choice of longer concessions, two and a half years on average for 3.2 billion euros of investments.

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