Strong Winds: One Seriously Injured and 75,000 Homes without Electricity

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Strong Winds: One Seriously Injured and 75,000 Homes without Electricity 1

Strong winds that swept in the night from Saturday to Sunday the northwest of France with gusts up to 160 km/h made one serious injury and Sunday morning deprived of electricity about 75 000 homes.

Sunday morning, the Prefecture of Côtes d’Armor reported three injuries: the driver – in a serious condition – and in a car that crashed into a fallen tree on the road and a bruised Enedis agent Intervention tonight. 

600 firefighters interventions in Brittany

According to an assessment made by AFP, firefighters took just over 600 interventions in the night in Brittany, mainly in Brittany (277 interventions, including 223 for falling trees).

This is especially the power grid that was hit. At the height of the cut, Enedis (ex ERDF), which manages the electricity distribution network, reported 40,000 homes without power in Normandy, 18,700 in Brittany and 16,500 in Pays de la Loire.

In the latter region, only the Mayenne was placed on orange alert by Météo-France, the Loire-Atlantique who suffered the most cuts (9,000). At 11, half of the homes had been restored to the Loire Basin region.

In Normandy, the cuts mainly affect the Manche department. According to the prefecture, 15,000 to 18,000 homes are victims. In Calvados, they are 6,500. At 9 am, we numbered only 33,000 non-powered homes.


Breton side, 2,100 homes were without power in Ille-et-Vilaine, 9100 in Morbihan, in 2300 and 5200 Côtes d’Armor in Brittany, a total of 18,700.


Three hundred professionals are on the ground to restore power, Enedis said AFP.

After placing the UK in orange vigilance tonight, Météo France has lifted its alert Sunday morning. It has also been lifted for the Mayenne and Orne.

Ten departments in vigilance Orange Sunday

Ten departments of the northwest quarter and three in east-central of France remained placed Sunday morning orange alert for strong winds.

75,000 homes are without electricity in France after strong winds
Wind: 10 departments in amber alert | Computer graphics Visactu

In addition Calvados, Eure, Manche, Nord, Pas-de-Calais, Seine-Maritime and Somme placed on Saturday morning orange alert Météo France has expanded this level of Sunday morning vigilance to three other departments: Loire, Haute-Loire and the Rhône. The end of the alert is provided for earlier Monday at 9pm.

According to Meteo France, it is “a common storm at sea, from the Atlantic to the Channel, and (a) strong gale in the North West of France “. It is, she says, an “event occurring three to four times a year” .

Finistère. Falling trees and power cut

The gale caused property damage including fallen trees and electrical son. Between 7pm Saturday and 7 am Sunday morning, the Operational Centre of the emergency  Finistère  counted 162 alerts.

Calvados. No major damage, but power cuts in Switzerland Norman

In Calvados, the wind has blown. But no major damage yet. Wind peaks at 118 km / h in Port-en-Bessin, at 113 km / h were recorded in Caen. Firefighters were very busy “but for routine interventions,” they say: fallen or uprooted trees, damaged roofs, chimneys threatening to fall …

At 8 am, 6,500 customers (about 450,000 Calvados) were without power. Particularly in Switzerland Norman, “around Condé Normandy» precise ERDF “but especially in the Pays d’Auge” . His manager says “optimistic to replenish many of the homes by the end of the morning” . He recalled that he must not approach “poles or ground wires and report them quickly to 09 726 750 14” .

Ille-et-Vilaine. 112 firefighters interventions

Trees uprooted by the storms, flooded basements, power cuts cables, scrap materials, firefighters have been busy last night in Ille-et-Vilaine.

A total of 112 interventions to rescue people, at home or on the road. Luckily, no injuries were reported.

The gusts of wind, which sometimes exceeded 100 km/h were evenly throughout the department.

Morbihan. 277 interventions 9100 homes without electricity

Firefighters conducted 277 interventions throughout the Morbihan. At 9.05am, 25 operations were ongoing.

Firefighters intervened mainly to trees, branches, electrical son on the roads slippery tonight. They worked on a dozen floods, mainly in basements.

Power outages were numerous. At 7am on Sunday 20th November, 9100 homes were still without electricity, mainly in the north / northwest of the department, to Pontivy and Baud.

Cotes d’Armor. Several falling trees due to storm

There were a dozen interventions Saturday night throughout the department for falling trees, including Saint-Brieuc Ploufragan, Plouaret, Loguivy, Landébia or Saint-Mayeux. Some trees were lying across the roads, which have been identified.

In Saint-Brieuc, a fence surrounding the work of the school of Providence was lying on the road.

Cotes d'Armor. In Saint-Brieuc, a fence surrounding the work of the school of Providence was lying on the road.
Cotes d’Armor. In Saint-Brieuc, a fence surrounding the work of the school of Providence was lying on the road.

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