In 2019, in France, road deaths was down on motorways

Road Safety: Nearly 3,500 Road Deaths in France in 2019

The National Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety has published its final assessment for 2019.  3,498 people died in road accidents. An increasing balance sheet. 3,498 people died on the roads of mainland France or Overseas, according to the annual figures of the National Interministerial Observatory of Road Safety, published on May 31, 2020. In total, these are ten more […]

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The government plans to phase out physical tolls on motorways.

Soon the End of Toll Gates (and Traffic Jams) on the Highway?

In a draft law, the government plans to eliminate physical tolls by eliminating barriers, in order to streamline traffic and limit pollution. Details. No more traffic jams on the highways ? This is the promise of the government that wants to develop tolls without barriers on the major axes of France. In the latest version of the draft mobility law (LOM), unveiled by the Context website , […]

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The rates are the tolls are increasing on the motorways in 2017

Motorway Toll Rates will Increase in 2017

The motorway tolls will increase by 0.76% on average in 2017 in France, the largest increase for the network of Motorways South of France (ASF) managed by Vinci, reports the Journal du Dimanche. The variation in tolls involves various components, such as the level of inflation, the increase in government fees and additional work in […]

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Tolls on the motorways are set to increase next year.

Tolls: After the rate freeze in 2015, a rise in 2016?

Motorways: According to “Les Echos”, Tolls are set to increase well above the inflation, should be decided by 1 February 2016 … Nothing has been officially recorded, but the users of the Toll roads in france are likely to pay more next year. According to Les Echos, the rates of tolls, after the 2015 freeze, are expected […]

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