Charente: 240 Offences Recorded by Police Last Week

Local News
The gendarmes in the Charente have recorded over 240 offences on the roads in the last week

ROAD SAFETY: Gendarmes recorded 240 Offences on the roads of Charente last week …

Last week, the gendarmerie were out in force with plenty of road safety checks taking place on the roads on the department of Charente, within the framework of coordination of transport on the RN 10 and 141.   The police are taking stock on their Facebook page as you can see below.

In the end, nearly 240 offenses were recorded, of which 45 were for excessive driving times by lorry drivers, 43 offences were for vehicles which were overloaded, 41 were caught speeding, 33 were for incorrect passing maneuvers and 1 offence for driving under narcotics.

The gendarmes and the prefecture has said that more checks will be performed before and around the holiday season.

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