The dismantling of the “Jungle” in Calais will continue “step by step,” says Cazeneuve

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Bernard Cazeneuve has said the government is committed to the dismantlement of the Calais Jungle

LILLE: The Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve is expected on site in Calais on Friday …

Bernard Cazeneuve arrives in the “Jungle” with measures in his wallet. The interior minister said Thursday that the government would “continue with the utmost determination” dismantling “in stages” of the migrant camp at Calais since spring 2015.

“We have already proceeded to dismantle the southern area in early March, and we have already begun that of the north (…) My intention is to continue with the utmost determination. This must be done in stages, starting with creating more accommodation places in France to relieve Calais “said Cazeneuve in an interview with Nord Littoral , to be posted by the daily at 11pm, on the eve of a new visit on-site visit of the Minister.

The interior minister says that the government has “already begun (dismantling) of the North zone, by referring to close illegal sales outlets installed on the Moor.” “This process has been hampered by a court decision, and I seized the Council of State about it,” he added. The Lille Administrative Court had vetoed this request.

In parallel, the state has stepped up voluntary redundancy by creating Calais by the end of the year “2,000 new accommodation places in reception and guidance center (CAD)” and “6,000 places in centers Home for asylum seekers (CADA). ”

More than 5,000 migrants

Since opening in October 5528 migrants from Calais have been welcomed in the 161 CAD scattered throughout France, said the minister. The state also plans to create 5,000 new emergency accommodation places for asylum seekers in 2017 which will add to the “10,000 places in CADA” created “from the beginning of the five-year period, whereas if little had been done by the past “.

Incidentally, Bernard Cazeneuve denied that the camp said de la Lande is now home to 10,000 people, as stated by a police union. “There is today, not 10,000 but 6,900 migrants present in the northern area of Calais. This is a large enough number to make it useless to add,” he says.  Several associations argue that migrants are now “more than 9,000” in the “Jungle”.

A visit to Holland in late September

On the other hand, in addition to record number of 1,900 policemen and gendarmes present at Calais, the Minister announced a reinforcement of some 200 men, “54 police officers and two border units additional mobile forces of 140 CRS affected priority to the ring road and the A16, which will redeploy the staff of BAC for the safety of residents of the ring road and the town centre. ”

These additional staff will “strengthen the fight against these assaults on trucks on the ring road,” he says. Cazeneuve also announced that President Francois Hollande will visit “at the end of September” to the port to “lay the foundation stone of Calais Port 2015” and “will address this opportunity for all of the population of Calais”.

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