Weather: The First Heat Peak is Expected this Week, warns Meteo France

Weather: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday should be the hottest days this week in France France will experience its first heat peak this week, with temperatures above 30 degrees, even 35 degrees locally, warns Meteo France. “As of Monday, temperatures will return above seasonal norms,” ​​the agency said in a bulletin. Tuesday, temperatures are expected to reach 26 […]

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When will the sun return to the Loire-Atlantique

Weather: When Will the Sun Come Back in Loire-Atlantique?

Stormy showers, sometimes violent winds … The weather remains unstable on Wednesday 12th June 2019 in Loire-Atlantique. Capricious weather that could soon come to an end … For several weeks, the department of Loire-Atlantique faces weather for the least capricious. Hit by the storm Miguel on June 7th , it is still placed in yellow alert for storms by Meteo France this Wednesday 12th June 2019. #MeteoDeDemain […]

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The white asparagus grows out of the sun, in the ground.

White, Green or Purple Asparagus: It’s all About the Sun

Did you know ? In asparagus, the colour depends on the duration of exposure to sunlight. Nothing to do with the existence of different varieties. White asparagus flourishes underground Until the time of harvest, the white asparagus grows protected from sunlight. Her farmers use mounds of earth to keep her in the dark. A technique developed in 17 th century by French gardeners. The white […]

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Brittany is the region most affected by skin Cancer

Brittany, the region most affected by skin cancer

We can believe that it is harmless our beautiful Breton sun. And yet, preventive actions should not be neglected. The sun shines and the wind blows on the beaches of Caroual, Erquy in Brittany. The temperature is nice, it is neither too hot nor too cold. Perfect to bask in the sun! But, do not you remember something? If … you have to put cream! In Brittany , the sun […]

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The weather forecast is for a return of the sun this Tuesday

Weather: Warm Front, the Sun is Back on Tuesday!

SUN: Tuesday will summery, warm, sunny … Here it is, the sun and the heat are back! The weather forecast for Tuesday morning, the sun will still charge near the Channel, with some isolated mists in Brittany and Normandy . But the rain will disappear in afternoon, and only survive a few patches of low clouds. Elsewhere on the northern […]

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On Sunday it will be cloudy in the north with a rainy disturbance while on the south, it will remain dry, according to forecasts from Météo-France.

Weather Forecast for Sunday: Clouds and Rain in the North, dry in the South

On Sunday it will be cloudy in the north with a rainy disturbance while on the south, it will remain dry, according to the weather forecast from Meteo France. A rainy disturbance will travel on neighboring regions of the English Channel in the night from Saturday to Sunday and spread to the northern half of […]

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