Pontchâteau: The store M. Bricolage Destroyed by Fire

Local News
M. Bricolage DIY store at Pontchâteau hit by fire.

The fire started this afternoon in the store located at rue Gutenberg in the Landas area in Pontchâteau. An apprentice is seriously burned.

The mishandling of a flammable product is what has caused the huge fire. An apprentice, aged 16 years was cleaning tools when the fire started for a reason that is unclear. The teen was taken badly burned to Nantes University Hospital by helicopter. His prognosis is not sure at present.

According to the SDIS 44, 95 firefighters and 38 vehicles were involved in fighting the fire, which has a very important black smoke. An area of 2,000 m2 was on fire.  The flames hit the electricity company Luxhom, yet separated by a fire wall and frame-west where a fuel tank is under surveillance. Neighbouring businesses were evacuated.

The business park “the Landas” in Pontchâteau, of over 30 Hectares, hosts industrial, and retail businesses.

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