Collision between Two Cars in Chateaubriant, 4 Minor Injuries

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A car accident in Chateaubriant caused 4 minor injuries

This Friday, September 2, at 16 h 45, a collision between two cars occurred on the Boulevard of the Republic up to the roundabout junction of the Armand-Franco street. Four people were slightly injured.

There has been a collision between two cars, on Friday, September 2, at a roundabout in  the centre of Chateaubriant. The accident happened in the rush hour, at around 4.45pm, on the busy road of the Boulevard of the Republic, up to the intersection of Armand Franco street.

The driver of the gray Citroën Picasso and that of the black car, who was carrying two children on board, a boy and a girl, were all slightly wounded and taken to the hospital in the centre of Chateaubriant.

The streets Armand Franco, St. Joseph, and the sections of the Boulevard of the Republic, situated on the other roundabout, were blocked to traffic until the the vehicles were cleared.

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