He Removes his 2 year Old Daughter. Man Arrested in La Gravelle

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Man arrested at Gravelle

A father was arrested on the night of Saturday to Sunday, the toll of La Gravelle (Mayenne).  He had withdrawn his 2 year old daughter from her mother in Audierne (Finistère).

A father was arrested in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the toll of La Gravelle (Mayenne). The police had set up a roadblock to intercept it.

They had been alerted by their counterparts in Finistère that the man was likely to take the A81 motorway to go home, in the region of Sarthe.

At about 1.20 am, his vehicle was intercepted at the intersection of the toll booths. On board were seated the father, the little girl aged 2 and three other adults and two children.

The father and his accomplices were remanded in custody.

Events that began earlier in the evening

All the events started shortly before 9.30pm in Finistère.

The father of the girl, accompanied by a friend, arrived at the home of the mother, Audierne.  According to investigators, aided by his friend, the father takes his daughter. No warning is given, but the scene is violent. He quickly makes a get away with the child in his car.

The mother immediately alerted the gendarmes who warn the area of Quimper.  Eric Métivier, deputy prosecutor, takes the matter “very seriously”.  Several important steps fail to activate the operation “abduction alert” on the TVs. But monitoring of all the major roads is implemented.

After rapid investigations, Finistère gendarmes discover that the father has family in the Sarthe region. They contact their colleagues in the Mayenne to set up teams at La Gravelle, to try and intercept the vehicle.  A choice that proves decisive.

Once arrested in Mayenne, the father and his friend have been returned to the gendarmerie of Audierne, where they are, this Sunday, December 20th, in custody.

They could be charged with kidnapping in the coming hours.

The 2 year old daughter was reunited with her mother and she would be fine, according to investigators.

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