Finistere: She Saves Kittens Thrown into a Dustbin

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A girl saves four kittens from the dustbin in Finistere

In Saint-Yvi inFinistère, a girl alerted by meowing, discovered in a dustbin four kittens alive … In a black plastic bag.

On Friday late afternoon, the girl watching TV in her apartment, located behind the town hall of Saint-Yvi, Finistere. Suddenly, her attention is distracted by meowing repeatedly. She rushes to the window. She sees a man get out of a white van, below the apartment and swinging black plastic bags in the trash just opposite. The man, visibly embarrassed, hastened to leave.

The meowing was increasingly strong, alerting Camille and her mother, Claire. Both soon joined by a neighbour, decided to search the trash … Among the rubbish, they discover, enclosed in a black plastic bag containing four kittens alive, about ten days old under the scorching heat and an awful smell … a shocking cruelty “I never thought that such cruel acts could exist in real life, says Camille, who did not had the time to take the minivan registration number. Small cats, eyes open, were sticky, completely exhausted and thirsty. ”

In an emergency, Camille and her mother recover the kittens to the apartment, buy a pharmacy pipette to moisturise them. Then they go to the vet to try to find a solution. Alas, the vet can not legally support them because they are unidentified. And suggest they turn to the technical services of the municipality for support to euthanasia. “We did not want this life of the kittens to be euthanized,” says Claire, who decided to challenge the associations of animal welfare and shelters.

Home and family adoption

Finally on Monday, in consultation with SPA at Concarneau, Mathilde and her mother decide to bring a host family for the four kittens, time of weaning until mid-October. Three of them will then be put up for adoption at the SPCA of Concarneau. The fourth, he will stay with Camille and her mother. “The story ends well, but it’s still amazing to throw the kittens in the dustbin alive and besides having waited ten days to do so ! “Protested Claire.

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