Labour Law: Violent Demonstration in Paris, Forty Wounded

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Hundreds of hooded people attacked the police with missiles thrown at the Labour Law Protests in Paris

The Paris demonstration against the labour law was particularly violent. 58 people arrested and 29 police officers and 11 protesters injured.

Businesses and shopfronts ransacked, hundreds of hooded protesters, at least 29 policemen and 11 demonstrators wounded, tear gas and, unusually, a water cannon to disperse the crowd.  This was the scene in Paris at the demonstration against the Labour Law which once again, has turned into violent clashes between the protesters and the police on Tuesday.

At least 58 people were arrested, said the Police Headquarters, who called on the demonstrators on Twitter “disconnect the thugs to facilitate the intervention of the security forces”.  Hundreds of hooded protesters took part in the attack of the police with projectiles, found an AFP journalist.  Twenty policemen and six demonstrators were injured, according to a provisional report on the police headquarters (PP) of Paris.

The water cannon, a first …

In the Port Royal area, the “individuals entered on a building site to take pallets before throwing them at the security forces “, the source said.  On a square near the metro station Duroc, a ” water cannon was used “, said the Police Headquarters to “allow the security forces who were taken to task for several minutes to emerge” , said a spokesman of the prefecture.  Fifteen police officers were injured on that occasion. “We have never seen the use of the water cannon is crazy” , is astonished retired. The Anti Riot CRS who advance to the sides of the procession, a man screams “Gestapo! ” On the walls of the Boulevard des Invalides, protesters tagged ” general Dream ” , ” glory to the people ” , ” the revolt rumbles ” or ” collaborators band “.

Vandalized Businesses

The police fired tear gas and charged the protesters who threw projectiles, torn stone walls of buildings or wooden sticks, with cries of “Paris, standing, raises up! “, ” CRS SS ” or ” everyone hates the police ” , following the death of a policeman and his girlfriend near Paris in a jihadist attack.

Banks, Cash machines, optician, locksmith, restaurants, supermarkets, hairdressers or a medical imaging centre. Rioters attacked numerous shops, sometimes booed part demonstrators dismayed, protesters observe the damage and blame the police “let do” : “But why the cops did not prevent this? ” Asks a woman. Near the Duroc station, the windows of the Ministry of Overseas are broken, numerous slogans daubed on the walls, and the Department renamed ” Ministry of Colonies “.

Shortly before 4.30pm, the first demonstrators arrived quietly, surveyed by escorting police, at Invalides, where the march was due to end, and in which most were barred access, according to an AFP journalist.  At the same time the last walkers came out of the Place d’Italie, the starting point of the event, according to the unions, announcing a million protesters had been involved in the protest against the labour law..

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