Euro 2016: This Time it is the Saviour Griezmann (and the Blues are Qualified)

Euro 2016
Antoine Griezmann, the saviour of France after his 89th minute goal

FOOTBALL: With a header in the 89th minute, Antoine Griezmann rescued France to qualify …

After a disappointing first half, where the French team let Albania have too much possession, things had to change for the Second half.  From the start of the second half, the French team came out with more determination and focus, pushing forward and creating plenty of chances, although failing to find the back of the net.

Just as the match was coming to an end and a draw seemed inevitable, the ball found the head of Antoine Griezmann in the 89th minute, to put France into the lead, to the delight of the thousands of fans at the velodrome and the millions in front of their TV.

The second goal by Payet deep in stoppage time (90 + 5) only confirmed the shape of Reunion, definitely the big man that could allow the Blues to go far. Meanwhile, with two wins in two games, the Blues qualified for the knockout stages, and it will take them a draw against Switzerland to ensure that finish first in their group.

Griezmann saviour

In just seconds, you would not have written all of this. And one can not help thinking that there is something magical in Didier Deschamps. The coach had chosen to kick off without Pogba and Griezmann, the two stars of the team, struggling against Romania.  But the strong choice, with Coman and Martial to attack from the sides and Payet as the playmaker, did not have the desired effect. Far from it, the match was very even and France could not make the breakthrough needed.

Then it all changed. Pogba came on just after the start of the second half, with Griezmann, coming on shortly after.  Then the match took another twist – possibly because Albania began to tire.  As the minutes, the atmosphere is mounting, the pressing of the Blues too.  Until just before the end of the match in the 89th minute, when Griezmann could did something for France to celebrate, with the second coming from Payet, minutes later.  

France still has big gaps, but the heart is there and it is led by a coach with a mixture of talent and explosive success.

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