Laval: Taken ill on the A81, the Driver Managed to Stop his Bus

Local News
A bus driver fell ill and managed to pull bus over slowly near Laval

Victim of discomfort on Thursday afternoon, a bus driver managed to put his bus to safety near Laval.Thirty passengers were unharmed.

A bus driver of the Ouibus company has suffered an illness on Tuesday to 4.30pm whilst driving on the highway.  The bus was travelling in the direction Paris-Province, when the man fell ill.  He luckily managed to stop the vehicle  which was carrying about thirty people, and stop in a work zone located about a kilometre and a half from Laval-Coudray area.

Paramedics arrived on the scene to take care of the driver.  The bus was moved by a policeman, under the protection of his colleagues in the squadron departmental road safety up to the rest area.  Another driver Ouibus was called to come and take the bus.

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